This Week's Bulletin

03-30-2014 Bulletin

4/13 Journey to the Cross




        Come with us on a multi-sensory Easter encounter!

                                 Journey to the Cross 

                             Sunday, April 13 at 6 pm 

This will be an incredible time of personal reflection leading
  up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday as we walk the road
             Jesus walked on his way to Calvary. 

     Invite your friends and family to share with you in this
                             special Easter event. 



4/18 & 19 - The Experience Auto Tour


                            Join us on April 18th and April 19th 

                    Anytime between 7pm & 9pm for an "auto tour"

         Take the journey from Bethlehem to the cross in eight dramatic
         scenes without leaving the comfort of your car. Perfect for this
               Easter season!  This is a free event, and family friendly. 

   Screen Shot_2014-04-06_at_12.42.26_PM