Christmas Blessings 2014

Christmas Blessings 2014

DEEPER: A Night of Worship



Deeper Night of Worship: An intimate worship experience

Friday, November 7th - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Deeper is a bimonthly community worship event, hosted by Central's Worship & Creative Arts Department. It is a night of simply worshipping together thru music & media in a relaxed atmosphere. Our only motivation is to bring WORTH-SHIP to the one who created us. Our focus is on Him and Him alone. Stay a little, or stay a long while. Childcare provided. Join us... and go Deeper.

Harvest Festival 2014

Harvest Festival_-_2014

This Sunday at Central Assembly


Pastor Tim’s Message this Sunday -

“Effective Evangelism - part 2 - The Reaction to Evangelism”

Last week we began our four part series through fourth chapter of Acts on Effective Evangelism, examining the actions demonstrated by the early church as they reached their world for Christ. This week we continue our series, looking at Acts 4:13-16, and seeing just how the world around the apostles reacted to their tenacious sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ.


There are four very specific characteristics that people noticed in Peter and John that were essential to their success in reaching others for Christ. And those same four qualities are just as important for each of us to demonstrate today as they were over two-thousand years ago.


There is nothing more important for any of us to do than to be an effective witness for our Lord. You don’t want to miss this week’s message from this life-changing series on Effective Evangelism – “The Reaction to Evangelism”


Effective Evangelism – Biblically Sharing Christ With Others
 October 19 The Action of Evangelism – Acts 4:1-12
 October 26  The Reaction to Evangelism – Acts 4:13-16
 November 2  The Interaction in Evangelism – Acts 4:17-22
 November 9 The Compassion of Evangelism – Acts 4:23-27