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This Sunday at Central Assembly

Pastor Tim's message this Sunday...

Nine Lessons on Worship

Nine Lessons_on_Worship

Within churches across the land, there is one particular subject that can become horribly divisive or dynamically unifying. It can stir heated debate as well as enlivening passion. It has revolutionized some churches, and created revolution in others.

What am I referring to? Worship, of course!

Nearly every Christian has an opinion on what worship is, and many are passionate about it. But, many of our opinions are shaped by the experiences of our past, rather than by the truth of God’s Word.

Our English word “worship” is derived from the Old English word “woerthscipe” which literally means to ascribe worth to something. So, worship is really all about demonstrating what we believe to be the worth of God.

One of my favorite passages of scripture is found in John 4:19-26, where we find Jesus having a discussion about worship with a Samaritan woman. This fascinating dialogue reveals many deep truths about worship. This morning we will examine this passage verse by verse, and learn “Nine Lessons On Worship.” 

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