Christmas Blessings 2014

Christmas Blessings 2014

DEEPER: A Night of Worship



Deeper Night of Worship: An intimate worship experience

Friday, November 7th - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Deeper is a bimonthly community worship event, hosted by Central's Worship & Creative Arts Department. It is a night of simply worshipping together thru music & media in a relaxed atmosphere. Our only motivation is to bring WORTH-SHIP to the one who created us. Our focus is on Him and Him alone. Stay a little, or stay a long while. Childcare provided. Join us... and go Deeper.

This Sunday at Central Assembly


Pastor Tim’s Message this Sunday -

“Effective Evangelism - part 3 - The Interaction to Evangelism”


Quite often, as believers, we view our efforts in evangelism as a collection of actions and monologues on our behalf, with the world around us as little more than an audience to our show. Our hope and prayer is that they will acknowledge our presentation by asking Christ to be their Savior after our “show.”

Although there is a need on our part of making a presentation of the truth of Christ’s message, and the love that He has for all, we need to realize that evangelism consists, at least, of as much listening and observing as it does speaking to those around us.

This Sunday morning at Central Assembly of God, we will continue our four-part series through the fourth chapter of Acts as we consider the Interaction in Evangelism. Be sure to join us as we look at verses 17-22, and examine the interaction between the religious leaders and Peter and John, learning what the Lord expects of us as we interact with those around us on a daily basis.

 Effective Evangelism – Biblically Sharing Christ With Others

October 19 The Action of Evangelism – Acts 4:1-12
October 26 The Reaction to Evangelism – Acts 4:13-16
November 2 The Interaction in Evangelism – Acts 4:17-22
November 9 The Compassion of Evangelism – Acts 4:23-27

This week at Central House of Prayer

This Wednesday night in Central House of Prayer - “The Urgency of Prayer”

The Urgency_of_Prayer

When something is urgent, it is thought of as requiring immediate action or attention. Often you will hear such statements as, “The situation is far more urgent than politicians are admitting.”

I have to admit, I have personally known individuals who live their lives as though every situation they are in is filled with urgency! And, I’ve also known those who have such a care-free and happy-go-lucky style of living that nothing ever seems urgent to them!

But, as it pertains to a believer’s life, is there anything really more important – more urgent – than our communication with God? And, that’s what prayer is – personal communication with God.

In 1 Timothy 2, Paul says, “I urge then… that requests, prayers and intercession be made…” There is an urgency in what the apostle describes as our prayer.

This Wednesday night, November 5th, at Central House of Prayer, we want to take a look at 1 Timothy 2:1-8, and see just what should comprise our prayer, and why indeed there needs to be an urgency in prayer! Don’t miss it!

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